10 ways you can support the BLM movement

  1. Petitions – this is the easiest and cheapest ways to help! Most can be easily accessed at change.org and you don’t need to add any personal info to sign each petition. Donations to this website go to the website and not individual causes.
  2. Donate – this could be from as little as £1. There are plenty of legitimate websites who could use your donation to make a real difference. Please do not feel pressured to do this if you are not financially able.
  3. Educate – read books, watch shows, listen to podcasts, engage in conversations. You can access these in Netflix, YouTube, ted-talks, Spotify and many more places.
  4. Listen – Listening means doing more than just hearing what is said. We have to concentrate on what is being said and take the words seriously, not just shake our heads in disgust of what is happening.
  5. Buy from Black owned businesses – You can find these businesses across the internet. Great UK directories include Black2Business and the Black Pound Day Directory.
  6. YouTube – certain videos on YouTube are designed so that some of the revenue, from ads, goes to supporting the creator. Some creators like Zoe Amira donate all the revenue they make to causes that support the BLM movement, so you would be donating by ‘watching’ a 30 minute video for free.
  7. Social Media – Keep sharing both incidents and solutions. The louder we are the harder it will be to ignore.
  8. Call it out – if you hear or see somebody being racist call them out, in a safe way. This includes your family and friends.
  9. Boycott – many brands like Urban outfitters have used racist designs on their items so you should stop buying from them. This will force them and others to change. If we don’t then we are simply funding racism.
  10. Self Reflection – Racism is not Black people’s problem, they are the victims. Reflect on your own thoughts, beliefs and actions and make the changes you need to and be prepared to listen, because we don’t tend to get it right the first time.

Remember to keep fighting because BLM is not a trend, it is a movement. We are battling against hundreds of years of ignorance. It will take time and effort to reach its goal.

Khushi, 15


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