Complaints Procedure

In order to provide the best service, COG Youth Services recognises the need for its service users and associated parties to express any complaints they may have about the service provided.

Stage 1

If someone has a concern about any aspect of the service or activity provided they should:

  • Discuss the issue with the lead worker in the session and try to reach a resolution (informal complaint).

Stage 2

If the issue still has not be resolved:

  • Write to the management of COG Youth Services, identifying all the issues, their account of discussion with the lead worker and any desired resolutions. Please ensure the name and address of the person making the complaint is included in the letter (formal complaint).
  • The management of COG Youth Services will acknowledge receipt, within 7 days, of receiving the complaint by post.
  • The management will respond, by post, to the complaint with 28 days of receiving the complaint.

Stage 3

If the issue still has not been resolved:

  • The management will meet with the person making the complaint and, if necessary, the lead worker to resolve the issue.
  • The management will write a report and send a copy to the person making the complaint within 14 days of the meeting. However, it is recognised that in exceptional circumstances where the complaint is complex, it may not be possible to adhere the timeline and further time will be required. In such cases this will be discussed with the complainant.

Review Date: 17th March 2020