Being cooped up at home makes it hard to look at the bright side in life and appreciate the things around us. Here are a few positive aspects that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic, to help keep us optimistic!

Dolphins, Swans and other sea life have started appearing in Venice’s canals since Italy locked down! The water also looks clearer and cleaner due to less traffic in the water, (lots of boats bring sediment to the water surface).

Pollution levels in China have drastically decreased meaning the citizens and wildlife have much cleaner air to breathe in, overall resulting in better health.

Book sales have increased dramatically. This means that: people are finding the time to enrich their minds and be more imaginative. It also means that: less-known authors are becoming discovered and getting the recognition they deserve. Waterstones have even claimed that their book sales have risen by 400%!

Elderly people are getting all the care and attention in the world. Those who have older loved ones are calling them, more regularly, to make sure they are well. This makes both sides happy and safe.

People are discovering new ways to stay healthy at home and have fun. Whether its Zumba, yoga or other at-home workouts, the world is creating healthy habits that last a lifetime.

More family bonding time! With loads of parents and carers working from home, families have had more time to spend with each other and communicate without their phones!

The NHS and other key workers are finally getting the appreciation they deserve, for their hard work and services to our country. Hopefully, this kindness will continue for longer than the coronavirus does!

Eating wild animals has become illegal in China so these creatures will be able to live happy, long lives. You don’t need to worry about the population of these animals increasing dramatically though, because they will not breed at the same rate as they are bred by humans.

Overall, there are loads of positive events that have occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic. If your struggling to avoid negative news articles maybe try reading The Guardian which has interesting articles on sports, culture and photography.

Stay safe and look on the bright side!

Khushi, 15


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