I believe there are alternating perspectives of social isolation during this lockdown. On one hand the best of somebody’s capabilities could be emphasised. On the other hand, some people in self-isolation can become significantly worse. Moreover, some people who are extroverted could go completely off the rails, due to inflicting boredom and lack of enthusiasm, within a confined space. Whereas, a more introverted person can become transcendent and bloom like a flower in spring. However, I feel everybody has the chance to prosper into a more productive version of them self.


Some extroverts can grow enervated due to their lack of company. This can be viewed as a somewhat calamity.  In addition, some extroverted people can be like a shrub in a draught, in isolation. They have nothing to feed off. Furthermore, they can grow debilitated due to the lack of people they can interact and communicate with. They could become utterly overwhelmed. The idea that they have been robbed of their freedom and liberation may absolutely overpower them! One the other hand, they could take this chance to accomplish new activities. This would be in order to keep them occupied.


Alternatively, some people intensively thrive and flourish in confined conditions. This is evident in some introverts who are like caterpillars forming into majestic butterflies, within social isolation. This can bring out the infinite best in people. They may grow to be exuberant and illuminate like the sun. Moreover, some people such as introverts believe that social isolation is their safe haven. They may believe that the government is their guardian angel. In addition, isolation is the prime time to collect comfort and a sense of security. However, some typically enclosed characters turn feral and boisterous. They might even become wild zoo animals and even accomplish a walk!


In conclusion, there is a subtle silver lining. This is that anybody can equally adapt and conform in the peculiar habitat of social isolation. The next part is in your hands, to step out of your caressing comfort zone. Read that beloved book that is collecting dust on the shelf. Watch that fanciful film with your family and write that letter to your loyal loved one. In general, some people fall into the category of either obtaining characteristics of an introvert that blossom in their own company. Or possess an aura of an extrovert.

Which one do you believe best defines you? Take this test and let us know how you did

Emilie, 15


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