What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an event celebrated annually on the 22nd of April. It has been celebrated since 1970 and is held to show support for environmental protection. The theme for 2020 is Climate Action!

How can we celebrate it?

There are many ways we can celebrate earth day and be kinder to environment. Here are a few:

Reduce your meat consumption – Eating meat means animals must be bred and fed in large amounts. These animals produce methane gas which is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases contribute to climate change and global warming, which is harmful to the earth.

Use less plastic – this could mean buying your produce without packaging or opting for paper straws instead of plastic ones. You could also buy a reusable water bottle to take to school and taking your own cutlery in. This is helpful because some of the plastic you use ends up in oceans – this can be deadly to sea life because they may end up eating it.

Litter pick – if you see any litter on the ground that looks safe to pick up, do it and take it to the nearest bin. This could be at school, at the park or even in your garden! It is important that you don’t litter so that hazardous chemicals do not leech into soil or water sources, that we humans use. Wildlife may also harm themselves by eating the litter.

Why should we celebrate it?

Celebrating Earth Day is important so that future generations have a safe and clean environment to live in. It is also important because it is pressuring the government to pass laws that protect the environment. Earth Day also gives knowledge about the ways we are destroying the environment to those who may be unaware of the problems.

Do I only protect the environment on Earth Day?

No. You should protect the environment every day, but Earth Day is a great day to start making the changes you haven’t already made. It is also a great time to educate your friends and family about ways they can protect the environment.  For example, you could make a post on social media or write a blog, about how you’re contributing to the event, to inspire others.

Remember to go to www.earthday.org to learn more information or do some virtual activities surrounding Earth Day.

Keep safe and be kind to the environment!

Khushi, 15


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