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Teej’s Sponsored Wax and Hair Cut

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When we raise £5000 (not including money from funding bids), the creator, founder, director and lead youth worker, Tejash Patel (aka Teej), has agreed to have his arms, legs, back and chest waxed, he will also cut his dreadlocks off and he’ll have it done over a live stream!!
This includes all the money raised from our events, our recycling schemes and any donations made. So take part, enjoy and Keep an eye on our Totalizer below to see how we’re doing. Thank you for your support so far.

Land’s End to John O’Groats Virtual Run = £1501
Snowdon Climb = £1013
Recycling Schemes = £999.64
Ebay Sale = £621.54
Skate Night = £99
Dessert Night = £240
May Day Fete = £12
Horror Night = £88
Scafell Pike Climb = £640