What’s happening?

As we all know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GCSEs and A-Levels have been cancelled for this year. However, the students taking these exams will still receive their qualification through past assessments and teacher judgements.

How should I feel?

It may seem like everyone is celebrating right now and you should feel happy that your exams are cancelled but trust me, this isn’t true. A lot of people are upset right now and that is completely just. Feelings of loss, confusion regret are all normal so please remember that your allowed to feel whatever you are feeling right now.

What now?

Although it may not seem like it right now, this is a golden opportunity to get a head start on your future. If you’re a GCSE student, you can start preparing for you’re A-Levels. This could be reading relevant books to the subject, downloading the syllabus or even trying out the “Seneca Learning” platform. This is a free website where you can do online quizzes and learn information on hundreds of courses. Its information is tailored to each exam boards and it had loads of GIFs to help you stay focused and entertained. All you have to do is sign up and you can learn the subject content for A-Level Biology or even Harry Potter knowledge, if you want a break from education.

For A-Level students I understand that the gap between college and university is vast, daunting and uncertain. The government are doing all that they can to ensure that you all get an equal opportunity in university and overcome this obstacle. For now, there are steps you can take to make you feel more confident and prepared for your journey. Maybe you could try a short online course in a subject of your choice. There are countless options out there and many are also free so why not add an extra qualification to your CV? Also, maybe it’s time to do some volunteering or get your theory driving test complete so your one step closer to having that road trip (once we can go back outside again).

Has all of my hard work gone to waste?

No. It hasn’t. Your effort will shine through your mock results and end-of-topic tests that’ll be used for your final qualification. And if you maybe delayed your revision until well…now, then you’ll have an opportunity to resit these exams at some time. Remember not to let anybody tell you: you haven’t earned your grades; because I promise, you have. This summer is going to be long and it’s going to be hard, but you are not alone in what you are going through. Your classmates and teachers are still there to support you and there are thousands of other teenagers going through what you are.

Stay safe and think positive, this is just a temporary bump in your road to success.

Khushi, 15


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