General Info

COG Youth Services Ltd uses self employed individuals to support the projcets it runs in schools and in communities. Freelancers can be Graphic Designers, Outdoor Instructors, Sexual Health Workers, or any skilled work that could support one of the projects we run.

You will need to join the mailing list, below, to show your interest. We will then contact you with a questionnaire for more specific information. We will only confirm work for those freelancers that have provided all the information necessary to satisfy our recruitment practices.

Opportunities for freelance work will only be shared via the mailing list.

Your Data

Any personal information you provide will never be sold or passed to any third parties. You can ask to be removed from the database at any time by emailing us. You can remove your name from the mailing list, by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email we send. We will also perform periodic checks and will remove the details of anyone that is no longer registered to the mailing list.

Who can Freelance?

We use IR35 to determine the definition of a Freelancer. As a freelancer you agree that you:

  • are responsible for completing your own tax self assessments.
  • having your own Public Liability insurance (min £5mil) – Compulsory
  • Professional Indeminity insurance (min. £100k) – Optional
  • are able to issue an invoice after the task has been completed.
  • are able to substitute another person to complete your task, provided they meet the same requirements we set for you.
  • are responsible for all costs needed to complete task. This includes paying any substitutes.
  • are responsible for managing your own time on any contract.
  • have an Enhanced DBS Certificate for the Childrens Register and it must be registered with the Update Service. If you do not have one or are not registered with the Update Service, please contact us.

If you would like to see our full IR35 assessment click here: IR35 Assessment

Show your interest

By completing the information below, you will be added to our Freelancers mailing list*. This is where we how we will share information about any future contracts/work and we will also send you an online registration form, where we will ask for more details, such as the type of skills/qualifications you hold and Safeguarding information.

*You will be sent a confirmation email after completing the form below. Please ensure you press the confirm button.

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