Who is Childline?

Most people will have heard about Childline but not everyone knows what it is. So what actually is it? Childline is an organisation who aim to help any child that needs their help.

Who can use it?

This service is for anyone aged under 19 that needs to talk to someone. This can be when you have no one else to talk to or simply need a sympathetic ear. Nevertheless someone will always be there to chat with you if you need it.

How to contact them

You can communicate with Childline through their phone number (0800 1111). You can also talk through their one-to-one online chat on their website which is also listed below. They have a system called locker if you want to talk by email, but you need to make an account. It might also be good to know that, with emails, you might not get a reply straight away but writing things down can help you to get your thoughts out.

How they help

On their website there are also numerous blogs written by young children and young people that you can read which may help you with your problems, such as exam stress and fallouts with friends. You can also take part in the Art Box. This allows you to make digital images with pens and share. You can do a daily mood journal and log if you are feeling excellent, good, okay, horrible, bad, stressed or depressed and why. This allows you to let your emotions out.


Childline is fully dedicated to helping children and young people in any way possible. They will never ask for you real name or address and everything is confidential. This means that you can tell them anything knowing they won’t tell anyone (including your parents) and the phone calls won’t even show up on any phone bills. But if it is a really serious issue they may have to share certain information with the police.

Everyone at childline is really kind and they will be as supportive as possible and help you to see the positive things in life.

Useful numbers and links

Website: https://www.childline.org.uk/
Phone number: 0800 1111
1-2-1 Counselling: https://www.childline.org.uk/get-support/1-2-1-counsellor-chat/
Email: https://www.childline.org.uk/locker/email/

If you want access to some more useful links to other people that can help you, check out our useful links page

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