Days are getting colder, darker and shorter and because of this here are some ideas to get your winter fashion on!

Fluffy Scarves

Scarves are one of my favourite parts about wintertime because they come in so many colours and patterns! Paired with a nice fluffy jumper or a denim jacket, scarves can be a fashionable (and functional) way to keep warm this winter.

If you’re looking for a scarf, check out the range from Matalan


Tolu, 14, Leicestershire

Darker Colours

My personal winter fashion philosophy is the darker the colour, the better. As well as black, during the winter I love things in burgundy, plum, emerald green, navy blue and dark brown. I think dark colours, especially jewel tones, have the power to make a winter outfit look much more elegant and put-together. They instantly turn a five-minute look into a well thought out masterpiece.

dark colours

Tabitha, 15, Leicester

Festive Accessories

Layer up when going outside with festive gloves, scarfs, and hats. Get into the holiday spirits with green and red accessories or make a statement with bold colours. These items of clothing may be a winter necessity, but you can add personality to them. Some monochrome jumpers and jeans could be outshined by floral scarfs and a pompom on a hat.

festive accessories

Emilia, 14, Leicester


In my opinion jewellery can work with any outfit at any time and it can work well with plain t-shirts, graphic t-shirts and turtlenecks. A great example of this is the Y/Project earrings worn by Ryan Destiny at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood

Ryan Destiny

Tolu, 14, Leicestershire

Go Monochrome

One only has to look at the front page of Pinterest to know about this monochromatic style. TheTrendSpotter notes that this trend “isn’t going anywhere soon”, and it does feel like I’ve seen it everywhere for the past few years. I think it’s the simplicity, uniformity and class of this trend that means it has stood the test of time and looks great on absolutely everyone. It also seems to go hand in hand with comfy, oversized clothing: also, a great winter look.


Tabitha, 15, Leicester


Staying indoors because of the frosty weather, relax and wear comfortable jumpers, stay in your pjs, and watch a Christmas movie with a hot chocolate in your hand. There is nothing like getting into the spirit of Christmas with a candy cane onesie and the grinch on the TV.

Here’s some suggestions from Boohoo


Emilia, 14, Leicester


Finally, as a winter staple I could not forget sweatpants which are perfect for cosy nights in (especially during recent times). These can be worn with a matching jumper or shirt or in a complementary outfit, for example dark blue jeans with an orange/yellow t-shirt to really brighten up this winter time.

Have a look at these sweatpants from H&M


Tolu, 14, Leicestershire


I think winter is the perfect time to take a step back and revitalise some styles of the past, and it seems some people agree. Vogue categorises check/tartan, skirt suits and long, dramatic coats as some of the most popular themes among designers this winter, and I, for one, love this blast from the past.

Vintage look

Tabitha, 15, Leicester


For those with pierced ears and jewellery lovers, why not get some festive earrings. I have some candy canes, a Christmas Tree and Rudolf the red nose reindeer. They are sure to get some compliments on the Christmas Day Zoom.


Emilia, 14, Leicester

Red and Gold

Two colours that Vogue notes as ‘in’ this winter are red and gold. I mean what else could I glean from that? Obviously, Christmas is a trend. Despite the common fashion adage that ‘red and green should never be seen’, I don’t mind the combination and think it’s never too early to start dressing for the occasion.

Red and gold

Tabitha, 15, Leicester

Fancy Dress

Do you celebrate Christmas in fancy dress, or do you spend the day in pyjamas? Fancy dress could include red, white, and green colours. It is indeed cold outside so remember to wear tights and a cardigan to keep you cosy. Or on the opposite side, wearing comfy clothes all day, especially during lockdown, sounds like the best way to spend Christmas with family. Either way, connecting with family this winter is essential. So, on Zoom calls you can mix comfy and smart by showing off your fancy dress to your family on the top and relax in comfy bottoms.

fancy dress

Emilia, 14, Leicester

Function over Form

Although it’s tempting to dress fashionably whatever the weather, you can’t have fun with hypothermia. So, I entreat you to make sure you are comfortable, even if that means sacrificing a bit of style. And hey, Vogue says cardigans are fashionable now!

function over form

Tabitha, 15, Leicester

Big Coats

Keep out of the cold on winter walks, with layers underneath a coat. Big coats have become a fashion among celebrity’s, so no matter how much you want to show off your outfit remember to keep warm with a thick, woolly coat. In addition, you can never overdress in the winter, so add lots of layers like jumpers and sweatshirts to brag to your shivering family that you are not cold.

big coats

Emilia, 14, Leicester

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