For a lot of us, school closing means Netflix-binging and endless phone-scrolling but I’m sure there are better ways we can fill our time for these 5 months. But that can only last so long before boredom sets in. Here are a few things to do.

Get into reading!!! I know that a lot of us quit reading to focus on our exams but that really isn’t an obstacle anymore! If you don’t have any books at home maybe try downloading some eBooks of the Leicester libraries website or even download their app which is basically like a virtual library!

Watch some documentaries to enrich your mind whilst you’re not at schools – this is especially important, so you don’t get brain fog and become behind next school year. BBC iPlayer and Netflix have some great ones for you to try like “what the health” or Animal planet.

Tidy. Your. Room. You’ve been delaying it for long enough so why not start now? – it could be a late Mother’s Day present to your Mum, and you can find that thing that’s been lost for a while now. Maybe you could even let go of some things that don’t bring you joy – Marie Kondo style?

Learn how to cook. This is an important life skill that you will always need, so why not show your family that you can do more than just boil pasta. There are loads of recipes online and step-by-step videos on YouTube to watch and make sure to clean up after or get your family to do it since you made them such an amazing meal.

Try out some yoga and meditation to keep calm whilst your locked up with your family. There are free apps you can download if you need some guidance and it’ll help you keep a healthy mindset.

Do some crafts – whether it’s origami, colouring, sewing or painting, there are loads of things you can do to show off your creative side. You could even create a Pinterest/vision board of things you would like to achieve or do in the future.

Socialise! – this is incredibly important to make sure you still have these friends by September. Maybe download an app like House Party so you can see your friends without going out.

Improve your handwriting. – I’ve always been known for having the messiest handwriting in the class so now I can finally take the time to change it. Find somebody’s handwriting that you like and ask them to write out the alphabet or find a template online. Then, copy out the alphabet several times a day until it becomes your usual handwriting. This may take some time to master but I know we have heaps of that.

Start an online course – there are loads out there that you can do to spice up your CV and learn new skills. Loads of them are even free so why not spend some time getting new knowledge?

Make your own blog – it doesn’t matter what you write about as long as you have fun doing it and keep it family friendly!

Basically, there are loads of things to do to keep your mind healthy and active during these long, empty months.

Stay safe and keep your chin up!

Khushi, 15


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