This weekend Reading Buddies was on at Highfields Library. The weather for the day was fairly good, not too sunny and not too cloudy, however there was quite a lot of wind. This weekend two Reading Buddies joined the event: Team Leader Gemma and myself, Nur.

The day was fairly busy for both of us; throughout the first hour we had a group of 6 children that we read to either in groups or individually, the books they chose were mostly fantasy fiction type of short stories, most of them had a very catchy cover. After they were gone, we had a gap of about 15 minutes where no one came to read.

In the last hour I was listening to a girl who was specifically looking for Roald Dahl books, her reading was very impressive and in the amount of time she stayed, she read two chapters of the BFG. While I was doing that, Gemma was reading to a boy who came into the children’s area with his mother.

In total this weekend we had about 9 children reading with us and about 20 books read in total!