I thoroughly enjoyed the Reading Buddies training as it opened my eyes to the real world that is out there.

As well as learning all the crucial components of being a Reading Buddy, like how to engage a child and safeguarding, we also discussed various topics on levels which I had never even explored. We discussed inequality in the world and others fascinating topics that fuelled the urge in me to do more for the community as a part of doing something for the world.

As a fairly new Reading Buddy I have loved my experience so far, as I enjoy hearing little kids read. I am astonished every time a little kid discusses the details of a book, as it shows me what fairy tale world they see and imagine through their eyes. The way children examine colourful drawings of a book, intrigues me to wonder what else they think and where else their minds can take them on a journey to.

I have found that my communications skills are improving as well as my people skills. I have learnt how to communicate ideas successfully towards others in our team. Furthermore my people skills have improved as I talk to parents and carers frequently.

Reading Buddies is a great opportunity for me to obtain new skills and improve my existing skills. I am really looking forward to my journey as a Reading Buddy as I am certain I will need these skills when I enter the world of work. The adventure has just begun…