It was a sunny morning with a decent flow of wind, the temperature was around 12 degrees Celsius, overall it was a good day for the volunteers and families to go to the library with not many problems.

The volunteers joining this weekend were Gemma and Gurpreet, both team leaders, and me (Nur). Everyone was punctual so there were no problems in starting the session.

This weekend’s session was a very busy one, we had more than 20 children being signed in by their parents, we even had to get extra chairs and tables; each volunteer had at least one child to read to and at one point Gemma was reading to a whole group of children. Apart from the large number of children, it was a challenging session as at one point we had two families who weren’t UK native and their first language was French, thus making it difficult for the kids to understand and us to tell the story we were reading. The focus of the choice of books of the children this weekend really shifted to cartoon themed books; for example, I read to a boy who chose a comic about the Simpsons and many girls picked a Hello Kitty book. But apart from that, a lot of mythological themed books were chosen, for example books which contained dragons and princesses in the story.

As of next week, there will be no Reading Buddies as the COG Volunteers have organised a fundraising event, however the volunteers will bring some books and children can enjoy a good story time at the event.

Nur (16)