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What are Environment Ambassadors?

Environment Ambassadors are individuals that champion recycling and help, COG Youth Services, to reduce the amount of waste we send directly to landfill.


We currently have 3 ways you can be part of our project:

  1. Community Litter Picker – We loan litter picking equipment to 6 young people (13-17 years old) from different areas of Leicester City so that they can perform a weekly litter pick in thier local area. We lend the equipment for free*, on the condition that you send us photos of your litter picks each week.
    *terms and conditions apply
  2. Event Litter Picker – We will be organising ‘covid responsible’ group litter picks around Leicester City. You can join our mailing list for this and then register your interest when we run one of these events. All litter picking equipment and some light refreshments will be provided*.
    * you will need to provide your PPE and flask.
  3. Recycling Partner – Not all plastic items are recycled by our councils. Help us to collect the items below, by setting up a collection point at your home or work, so that we can send them for recycling, through a variety of Terracycle schemes*.  If you are looking at setting up a scheme at your school please go to our school page.
    *COG Youth Services Ltd will be given points that can be used to support the organisations activities.


What we collect

TerraCycle® and BIC® have partnered to create a free recycling scheme for all Writing Instruments. COG Youth Services is participating in this scheme.


TerraCycle® and Colgate® have partnered to create a free recycling programme for all oral care products and packaging. COG Youth Services is participating in this scheme.



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Individual and Corporate Support

This is a volunteer project, we rely on a number of different sources, to help fund it’s continued growth. If you like this project, please make a donation here:

Alternatively, if you are part of an organisation that would like to sponsor the project, please email us at