A great place to bring you kids each week and let your kids practice reading with positive community role models

Reading Buddies is a drop-in reading support session for local children, usually aged 5-11 (this is our primary group though on quiet days we can read with anyone), under the support and guidance of local teenagers.

It is an idea forged by a small group of young people mainly from Evington in 2012 and has grown to now operate out of 2 libraries in Leicester, Evington Library and Highfields Library, and currently enlists, approximately, 20 young volunteersfrom across Leicestershire under, the guiding principle of the group: No Academics, Only Fun

We believe, if we can instill fun in books, children will develop as better readers, put in more effort into their reading, continue reading for fun throughout their lives, maybe become writers and hopefully become reading buddies themselves.

Other benefits of bringing you child to Reading Buddies include:

  • Encouraging use of your local library
  • People who read tend to better at school
  • Children have more positive role models in their society
  • Can provide parents with the confidence to read to their children
  • Helps with development of the English language
  • Making amazing friendships
  • Preventing closures of local libraries

If you have a child and are interested in bringing them to the Reading Buddies then please come to either Evington or Highfields Libraries, any Saturday between 11am and 1pm. Whether you stay for 5 mins or 2 hours, we’re here to support your child’s reading.

*Please note, a responsible adult (usually a parent or older sibling) must stay in the library while they use the service.

So you want to be involved in Reading Buddies? Well we have 2 roles, 1 for young people (aged 13-18) and 1 for adults (aged 18+). Both are amazingly rewarding roles as young people get to do lots of reading with the children while adults get to think of creative ways to support and develop the scheme.

Benefits of volunteering for the scheme include:

  • Taking care of your local community
  • inspire the next generation
  • build a positive image of young people
  • provide parents with the confidence to read to their children
  • supporting children and families that really appreciate you
  • making amazing friendships
  • preventing closures of local libraries
  • Looks amazing on your CV


All our volunteers must agree to all the following conditions:

  • You will have to register with us
  • Sign up to Band, a special social media platform we use to communicate with each other
  • Buy a COG uniform (tshirt, hoodie or both)
  • Complete some training (takes about 3-4 weeks)
  • complete 50 hours of volunteering before we will write any references or reports
  • Try to follow our Code of Conduct, both when you are volunteering and when you are not
  • Due to space and popularity of this group, we only have limited numbers of volunteers in each week, so you will be required to check in in advance
  • Undertake re-training every 6 months
  • All adult volunteers must undertake a DBS check
  • To take part in fundraising activities once every 3 months

You will also have the chance to write blogs, take part in fundraisers, join our other groups and come on our trips.

Teen Volunteers (aged 13-18)

If you are aged 13-18, you can find the volunteer description and apply to be a Reading Buddy for Highfields Library at: click here

If you are aged 13-18, you can find the volunteer description and apply to be a Reading Buddy for Evington Library at: click here

Alternatively, email us at info@cogyouthservices.co.uk

Adult Volunteers (aged 18+)

If you are 18+, looking to volunteering with the reading buddies, at any of the libraries then, you find the volunteer description and apply through Do-it or email us at info@cogyouthservices.co.uk.



If you are an individual

that would like to support the Reading Buddies group, you can do so by making a donation*. If you would like, please specify in the comments, if you would prefer your donation to go towards a particular library (ie, Evington Library Reading Buddies or Highfields Library Reading Buddies). All donations will go towards the groups development and resourcing.

To make a donation just click the button below.
*Donations are not refundable



If you are are company or organisation

that is interested in raising your profile through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or just simply looking to support a local project or youth work, please email us as info@cogyouthservices.co.uk
In return we can support you and your companies aims in fun and creative ways that will develop excellent CSR related publicity for you.



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