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Share how amazing young people are
through Social Media

What is a Social Media Content Creator

We believe young people know best about who and what young people like. That’s why our Social Media Content Creators are young people (aged 13-18) that help us to design social media posts that are of interest to young people. We try to make hashtag posts everyday on Facebook and Twitter, whilst keeping Instagram for our live updates. Content Creators, ‘work from home’ to create thier content and spend as much time they want making posts. It is a great way to volunteer and support a youth organisation and improve the voice of young people.

We make the following types of posts for Facebook and Twitter.

Post Allocations

Here’s are our hashtags, that you can create content for. We make daily posts for #AmazingYoungPeople.

#AmazingYoungPeople – about anyone that did something amazing whilst they were aged 12-18

#MovieMonday – a weekly post recommending what film or TV show to watch that week

#TuesdayThing – let everyone know about any upcoming local events, fairs, fates, etc for young people

#WellbeingWednesday – weekly advice/guidance on how to maintain positive and healthy mental or physical health

#ThoughtforThursday – a compelling thought for the week

#FunFactFriday – share a strange but true fact for the week

#SocialChangeSaturday – what causes can young people get involved in to make the world a better place?

#STEMSunday – a weekly post about anything to do with STEM


Join the team

You can join our Mailing List for Content Creators to get a weekly reminder about making your posts and updates on any changes to the scheme.


Examples of posts

Kelvin Doe, also known as DJ Focus, is a Sierra Leonean engineer. He is known for teaching himself engineering at the age of 13 and building his own radio station in Sierra Leone, where he plays music and broadcasts news under the name “DJ Focus.” #amazingyoungpeople #DJ
Amika George organised a protest to end period poverty outside of Downing Street when she was just 17. 2000 people joined her, all dressed in red. As a result of her protest, all schools now provide free sanitary products. @AmikaGeorge #AmazingYoungPeople


How does COG Youth Services benefit?

We want to promote the voice of young people, especially those from Leicester and Leicestershire. By creating our social media posts, you get to build your portfolio and skills whilst helping us to create a constant stream of information that is relevant to other young people.