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What is a Podcast Debater

Teens (aged 13-17) that like to discuss and/or argue about any subject, in a friendly and formal way, are called youth debaters. If you are someone like that, then we want you to join our team of youth debaters! We will run a weekly online debate on a range of subjects that teens don’t normally get to talk about.


How does is work?

If you are interested you need to sign up to our Podcast mailing list, below. Each week, we will email everyone with a series of questions, we want to discuss. If you are interested you can express your interest. To make it fair, and ensure everyone has a chance to take part, we will randomly select 4 young people, to invite to a video call. Everyone else will be able to submit a video or written responce to the questions. Once the video is over we will edit it, cartoonify it and then publish it on YouTube.


Join the Team

Join our Podcast Debater Mailing List to get a weekly reminder about upcoming debates and updates on any changes to the scheme.

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We want you to be as open and honest, as possible, and as this is debate between teenagers, we have a duty of care to safeguard you from potential harm. We take all accusations and reports of safeguarding issues very seriously. This project will encourage you to discuss potentially divisive questions and therefore may expose you to online trolls or real life abuse (such as bullying). We will work with you to do what we can to minimise any potential for abuse including but not limited to turning you into cartoons to hide your true identity. We will also edit any portions of debates that we feel may place you in harms way. However, despite our best efforts, please be aware that no measure we can take will completely protect you and therefore we will also require parent/carer consent.

If you suffer any adverse effects from a podcast, we encourage you to speak to us (and the authorities if needed) so that we can take appropriate actions and support you. You can email or ring 07866633144 (Teej).


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Individual and Corporate Support

This is a free volunteer project, we rely on several sources, to help fund its continued growth. If you like this project, please donate here:

Alternatively, if you are part of an organisation that would like to sponsor the project, please email us at