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What is a Youth Reviewer?

Do you feel like your being sold products but they aren’t really for you. Youth Reviewers are young people (aged 13-18) that want to try out products, write reviews and help inform other young people about them. Reviewers will need to work to a deadline and write about products, we ask you to review. Reviews will be posted online and will be made available to the public.


What will you review?

You will be asked to write reviews for Online Products (like website and apps). Any products we ask you to review will normally be free*
*if costs are involved, we will offer a limited number of free places on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not get a free place but still want to review the product then you will need to pay for it yourself.


How to write a review*

1) Use the product – It sounds obvious but readers can usually tell if the reviewer has tried the product or not. If people think you haven’t used it, then your review will loss all credibility and will affect how that person interacts with our full review.

2) Know what problem it is trying to fix – Open the review with the name of the product and what it is trying to do (the problem). Is it clear in the instructions or website what the problem is? Do you identify with the problem? How does the product fix the problem? If it does not fix a problem, then what is the point of it?

3) Describe the product – The main part of your review will be about how the product works. Is it practical? How long will it help?

4) Final Thoughts – This is your conclusion. Does the product do what it promises? Is it for teens? What did you like best and worst (try to find both)? Finish with whether you think the product is worth it.

*Your review is limited to 300 charachers or a 3 mins video.


Join the team

At the moment, only young people that are volunteering for our Social Media or Youth Bloggers projects can write reviews for us. If you would like to help us write reviews, please join one of those projects.


How does COG Youth Services benefit?

We want to promote the voice of young people, especially those from Leicester and Leicestershire. By writing reviews, you get to build your writing skills whilst helping us to keep the wider youth community informed.


Individual and Corporate Support

This is a volunteer project, we rely on several sources, to help fund its continued growth. If you would like to donate to this project, please click here:

Alternatively, if you are part of an organisation that would like to sponsor the project, please email us at