‘SWOT your Superpower’ We asked our youth bloggers all about superpowers, and here’s what they have to say!

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Zobia’s Superpower

If I could have any superpower, it would be invisibility. Wouldn’t you want to walk around freely doing anything you want without anyone judging you or even seeing you? To me this sounds amazing. Imagine running down the road invisible to everyone and dancing in the pouring rain outside! Or running in open fields without the worry of others watching and judging. Imagine being so free you can do anything in the world that you want. However, everything comes with problems and issues to be wary off. If you’re hurt and invisible, no one will see you and you will get no help. But of course, the super power will have a trigger to turn it on and off so in this situation it would be okay.


This invisibility power also comes with great opportunities, for example, borrowing items (definitely with the intention of returning them, like a huge ice cream tub when you feel low or maybe your favourite book from the library when you forgot your library card at home.) Stealing is a big no. Anyone with super powers should first be a good person because we need our community protected and safe. If super powers get into the wrong hands, then the world will only go into chaos. A weakness of this power has to be that animals will still be able to see me. Humans will not, but dogs, cats, horses will. So, if I’m walking past a house invisible and they have a pet dog, it will bark at me until l I pet him and give him treats. So, as a weakness, I have to always be wary of animals and carry treats for them so they don’t give away my powers. On that note, I would not tell anyone, including anyone in my family or friend group that I have powers. It would be my secret to get out of any terrible and awkward situation. If I’m ever in a hostage situation or even a fight, I can disappear within seconds. How will they fight me if they can’t see me? An alternative option, I would trade my invisibility powers for Wanda Maximoff’s powers any day. I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures of Wanda 🙂 have a good day.

Zobia, 17, Portsmouth

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