I think you’ll agree when I say many of us including myself are extremely worried and anxious about the coronavirus, from panic buying to stockpiling, there is also a lot of fake news concerning the coronavirus. COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous virus, but If we all just stay at home and follow the government advice and guidance surely, we will stay safe.

The government advice

1- Washing hands regularly and properly (for about 20 seconds, why not sing your favourite song?)

2- Staying inside at all costs- EXCEPT for shopping for essentials or 1 form of exercise. Why not go for a walk or jog around your local area (or a park if there’s one close by) for 20mins to an hour? Remember, the longer you are outside, the more chance you have of getting and spreading the virus. If that’s not your thing, you can always watch workout videos on YouTube! There’s a COUNTLESS number of them. Personally, I love Joe Wicks’ 30-minute PE he does daily at 9am. Check it out!

3- If outside, always stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.

Things to do

There are many things you can do to keep yourself busy and sane whilst the pandemic is ongoing, such as brushing up on your cooking and baking skills or keeping fit and healthy! If you’re worried, why not include some fruit and veggies to boost your immune system (this is not a cure for the virus or a way of preventing yourself from getting it). Vitamin C is proven to help your immune system, so having that glass of orange juice in the morning will do your general health good!

Netflix Suggestions

Some us of are fine with staying in and turning into a couch potato and binge-watching Netflix, so couch potatoes this one’s for you! Here’s my top recommendations of series/films for all you Netflix lovers! (Stay tuned for my next blog about more things you can do in quarantine for those who are bored of Netflix 😊)

1- Itaewon class. This fascinating drama captivates you from the start as an ex-con struggles to make his business work. Along the way he comes across love, not to mention the threats from a rival company. With many jaw dropping moments and twists and turns, it will keep you hooked until the last episode! Perfect for drama, action and romance lovers. Be sure to check it out!

2-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will Smith (aka comedy KING) plays a dude who is sent by his mum to live with his Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv and follows his life in Bel-Air with his perfect stuck-up cousins. Perfect for comedy lovers, this sitcom will have you laughing with your family. Family time for all ages.

3-Stranger things. Calling all Sci-fi lovers! Set in 1984, Will Byers an 11-year-old boy disappears from the face of the earth, whilst a mysterious girl ‘Eleven’ who has powers escapes from a nearby lab. With all this seeming to be connected, it’s up to Chief Hopper to solve the case and find Will. Personally, I’m not a big fan of sci- fi, BUT I genuinely enjoyed this series so much! Plus, there’s 3 seasons (4th on the way) to binge so you won’t be bored!

4-The Stranger. This one’s for the thriller fans! As a big fan of thriller books and series, The Stranger kept me hooked from the start. Adam Price, a wealthy lawyer encounters a ‘stranger’ who spills secrets and questions the closest people around him. With not everyone to be who they seem; this series will keep you hooked and wanting to find out the truth!

5-Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. This eerie true crime thriller documentary is on my Wishlist and I just had to share. As a fan of the documentary The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, this seemed to be right up my street. Now dead, Ted Bundy, a convicted serial killer who killed 30 women and escaped prison was called ‘Jack the Ripper of America’- this documentary shares his motives and shows interview footage, check it out!

IF you do end up watching any of these please let me know! AND if you need more suggestions (hell yeah) Message me on Instagram @_halimah.x_

Stay safe and Happy Quarantining!

Halimah, 16


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