Would you rather- Sea or Space? We asked our youth bloggers whether they preferred the sea or space, two very different environments. Lets see what they have to say!

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I’m sure space seems more appealing to most people (including my closest friends and family), however, I can’t help being more fascinated by the mysteries of the deep-sea! Of course, space holds even more and more mysteries, but the idea that there’s so much that remains undiscovered and unexplored, on our own planet, really interests me. Watching a ‘Kurzgesagt’ video on the deep-sea (‘What’s Hiding at the Most Solitary Place on Earth?’ on YouTube, if you’re interested) a while ago, it struck me much more than the black holes and supernovas I’ve heard about for years. Re-watching it now, with even more interest in biology than before, I’d love to find out more about the organisms and how they survive in a habitat without sunlight – and, therefore, without plants. I’m not so sure I’m brave enough to study the Leviathan-esque creatures myself, but I sure would love to learn about them from a safe distance! Though I appreciate the deep darkness and immense pressure may not sound very attractive, to think that even in the Midnight Zone and Challenger Deep (which incidentally have the coolest names), life has developed and adapted to exist, is so amazing to me. I’m personally much happier investigating the natural world around me, rather than leaving it to go to space.

Chiara, 17, Northampton

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